The Borjomi Forest Restoration Project Is Continuing Uninterruptedly

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The Borjomi Forest Restoration Project Is Continuing Uninterruptedly
2000 Caucasian pine seedlings were planted on the territory of Borjomi Plateau within the framework of #BorjomiSapporterOfNature


At the initiative of IDS Borjomi Georgia, the Borjomi Forest Restoration Project is continuing uninterruptedly despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and another 2,000 new seedlings were planted on the Plateau area in Borjomi during the autumn planting. For several years already, Borjomi has been involved in the Project, which aims to restore and renew the forest cover on the territory of the Borjomi Plateau. To date, more than 15,000 seedlings have been planted on 3.5 hectares of land under the auspices of #BorjoSupporterOfNature. The goal of IDS Borjomi Georgia is to improve the ecological condition of Borjomi and restore the forest cover.

“Reforestation is the most important duty for each of us. We, IDS Borjomi Georgia Company, have a high social responsibility to improve the ecological situation in the country. We endeavor to contribute to this work and leave a healthy environment for the next generation. Due to the pandemic, this year the planting process was carried out according to the existing regulations, without visitors. However, most importantly is that we managed to continue the tradition and look after the restoration of the forest cover in Borjomi on behalf of our friends. I would like to thank the staff of the National Forestry Agency, who were directly involved in the tree planting process,” – stated Levan Bagdavadze, Vice-President of IDS Borjomi Georgia. 

Noteworthy is that the company IDS Borjomi Georgia is implementing a forest restoration project in Borjomi together with the National Forestry Agency.

“It is important for us to involve the private sector in the process of reforestation. For many years, the company Borjomi has been carrying out autumn and spring planting works in Borjomi, on the so called Plateau area and each season the forest receives as a gift an average of 3,000 coniferous seedlings. Most noteworthy is that along with the planting, Borjomi provides seedling care for 5 years, which is a necessary period to maintain their viability,” – stated the Head of the National Forest Agency, Archil Nikoleishvili.

As part of the #BorjomiSupporterOFNature Project, a map has been added to the Borjomi Corporate Social Responsibility Projects website – www.csr.borjomi.com, which allows you to travel virtually on the Borjomi Plateau. All supporters who have participated in the Borjomi Forest Restoration Project since 2012 can find their name in the virtual environment of the Borjomi Plateau and view the planted seedlings by clicking the button Find Your Tree on the website. Through a virtual platform, Borjomi thanks nature lovers for their involvement and active participation in the project.

Borjomi Forest Restoration Project has been implemented by IDS Borjomi Georgia since 2012. This joint project with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia has been running for four years. During this time, 3.5 hectares of forest have been restored and more than 15,000 seedlings planted. The project also includes a 5-year seedling care plan. The aim of the campaign is to rehabilitate the Borjomi forest and to actively involve community members in the reforestation process.

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