“Plant a tree” action

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Virtual project “Plant a tree” has moved from social network directly to Borjomi Plateau. Every user, who liked or shared “Borjomi” virtual Christmas tree since 2011 December till 2012 21 April, became a participant of “Plant a tree”. In the name of Facebook friends, employees of IDS Borjomi Georgia and dancers of Georgian national ensemble “Sukhishvilebi” planted 500 pine trees in Borjomi district.

“This is the case when the virtual project is implemented in real time. Our application was available on our Facebook page since December 2011. We promised our friends, that their online activity will be transferred directly to Borjomi. As we are always fulfilling the promise, here we come to Borjomi to plant seedlings together with “Sukhishvilebi” – Said Nitsa Cholokashvili, Public Relations Manager of IDS Borjomi Georgia.

500 pines were planted on the territory of the Borjomi plateau. The action was attended by employees of IDS Borjomi Georgia and the dancers of the ensemble “Sukhishvilebi”.

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