FOREST RESTORATION IN BORJOMI CONTINUES – Another 3,000 saplings planted on the Plateau territory

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Another 3,000 saplings planted on the Plateau territory


Company IDS Borjomi Georgia keeps on restoring the forest cover on the Borjomi Plateau territory. This year during the autumn planting season 3,000 more saplings of Caucasian pine have been planted on the Borjomi Plateau. Until then, under the auspices of the #BorjomiSupporter project, the company had restored 4.5 hectares of land on the plateau and planted 23,000 saplings.

“For the past two years, we, like the rest of the world, have been living in a changed reality. It is very important that in spite of the pandemic, the Borjomi reforestation project, which started many years ago, continues uninterruptedly. Reforestation of Borjomi forests is one of the important directions of our company’s corporate social responsibility. By implementing this project, we try to contribute to environmental improvement and leave a clean environment for future generations. Thank you to all the nature lovers who have joined us in the reforestation project,” – said Levan Bagdavadze, President of IDS Borjomi Georgia.

IDS Borjomi Georgia together with the National Forestry Agency has been implementing the Borjomi Forest Restoration Project for five years now. The goal of the Company is to improve the environmental situation in Borjomi, to effectively restore and renew the forest cover, as well as to actively involve the public in this process.

“The National Forest Agency and company IDS Borjomi Georgia have been cooperating for many years, and the results of this cooperation are clearly visible on the Borjomi Plateau. Over the years the Company has planted over 20,000 saplings, and now, this fall season another 3,000 saplings have been added to them. Most importantly, the Company takes care for maintenance of  the planted trees. This is a great example of cooperation between the private and public sectors, which has been ongoing for many years,” – said Natia Iordanishvili, Deputy Head of the National Forestry Agency.

The Borjomi Forest Restoration Project started in 2012 at the initiative of IDS Borjomi Georgia. Despite the pandemic, the joint project with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture has been continuously going on for five years. During this time, up to 4.5 hectares of forest have been restored and 23,000 saplings have been planted. The project includes a five-year care plan for the seedlings. The goal of the Company is to restore and renew the Borjomi forests and to actively involve community members in this process.

By clicking “Find Your Tree” button on www.csr.borjomi.com, all nature lovers who have participated in Borjomi forest restoration project since 2012 till now can find their name in the virtual environment of Borjomi Plateau and see the saplings they have planted. Through the virtual platform, Borjomi would like to thank the nature lovers for their involvement and active participation in the project.

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