Forest restoration in Borjomi continues – 2000 more saplings were added to the territory of Borjomi Plateau.

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Forest restoration in Borjomi continues – 2000 more saplings were added to the territory of Borjomi Plateau.


The forest restoration project started several years ago on the territory of Borjomi Plateau at the initiative of IDS Borjomi Georgia continues uninterruptedly despite the СOVID-19 pandemic. As part of the spring planting, another 2,000 saplings of Caucasian pine were planted on the plateau. To date, the company has restored 4 hectares of land and planted more than 17,000 saplings within #BorjomiSupporter project. 

“Restoration of Borjomi forest is one of the important directions of our company’s corporate social responsibility. Over the years, this project has brought together many people who plant saplings with us every year. Due to the pandemic, this is the second time we have had to conduct planting without a large-scale event. But the important thing is that we continue to continuously restore the forest. The saplings planted many years ago are already growing on Borjomi Plateau, which is crucial in terms of improving ecology, so that we will leave a clean environment for the next generation,” – said Levan Baghdavadze, Vice President of IDS Borjomi Georgia.

Notably, for the fifth year in a row, IDS Borjomi Georgia has been implementing a reforestation project in Borjomi, which also includes a sapling care plan, together with the National Forestry Agency. The event was also attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps and local government. The goal of the campaign is to improve the ecological condition of Borjomi, to effectively restore and renew the forest cover, and to actively involve the public in the process.

“The cooperation between the National Forestry Agency and IDS Borjomi Georgia has lasted for more than 5 years. We can say that it is the best example of a responsible relationship between the private sector and the state, which has important consequences for society and the environment. In this case, up to 17,000 saplings have been planted on the Borjomi Plateau as part of the cooperation, and more importantly, the company takes care of the saplings in the long term. We live in a world full of challenges today, and this attitude from the private sector, and linking environmental activities with their daily businesses is crucial for maintaining and improving the environment in which we live”, – said Natia Iordanishvili, Deputy Head of the National Forestry Agency.

The Borjomi Forest Restoration Project has been implemented by IDS Borjomi Georgia since 2012, and this is the fifth year of the joint project with the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture. During this time, up to 4 hectares of forest have been restored and over 17,000 saplings have been planted. The project includes a 5-year sapling care plan. The goal of the campaign is to restore the Borjomi forest and to actively involve the public in the process of forest restoration.

All supporters who have participated in the Borjomi Forest Restoration Project since 2012 can find their name and view the planted saplings in the virtual environment of Borjomi Plateau through the website: www.csr.borjomi.com – “Find Your Tree” button. Through the virtual platform, Borjomi thanks nature lovers for their involvement and active participation in the project.

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