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Any state unanimously admits that sportsmen and national teams represent the country. Their success is directly related to the success and reputation of the country. We, at IDS Borjomi Georgia believe that supporting sports contributes not only to strengthening the reputation of the country, but also rising a new, motivated, and successful generation. Within the framework of our Corporate Social Responsibility Platform, #BorjomiSupporterOfSport, we support the Georgian national basketball team since 2011. Additionally, we are cooperation with Georgian Rugby Federation for several years, and on April 3, 2017, memorandum of Cooperation was signed between Georgian Ski Federation and “Borjomi”.

The first memorandum of cooperation between IDS Borjomi Georgia and Georgian Basketball Federation was signed in 2011. Since then, the world famous brand „Borjomi“ is a partner and supporter of Georgian national basketball team. It should be noted that during the 7 year partnership, Georgian national basketball team has achieved huge success.

The brand „Borjomi“, as flagship of Georgia’s export sales, has a big responsibility about presenting the country on the international arena and feels obliged to support the team that serves the same mission.