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Nowadays, our planet’s ecology is in danger. Polluted air, sharp increase in temperature, intensified water evaporation, frequent drought, mud flows, landslides, and floods are caused by the destruction of green cover. Today, one of the most effective ways to combat climate change is to restore, maintain and cultivate the green cover.

We, at IDS Borjomi Georgia have high social responsibility towards our country’s ecology. That’s why, we are trying to contribute in improving country’s ecology and leave healthy environment to the next generation.

Since 2012, IDS Borjomi Georgia implements tree planting project to restore green cover in Borjomi territory. In 2017, within the project #SupporterOfNature 3800 saplings of oak, maple, and pine were planted in the Borjomi Plateau area. The tree planting action is permanent and takes place twice a year – in spring and fall.

The main goal of the company is to improve the ecological condition of Borjomi and restore the forest cover quickly and efficiently.