05 Dec: FOREST RESTORATION IN BORJOMI CONTINUES – Another 3,000 saplings planted on the Plateau territory

კომპანია IDS ბორჯომი საქართველო ბორჯომში, პლატოს ტერიტორიაზე ტყის საფარის აღდგენას უწყვეტად განაგრძობს. წელს, საშემოდგომო დარგვების ფარგლებში, პლატოს ტერიტორიას, კიდევ 3000 კავკასიური ფიჭვის ნერგი შეემატა. ამ დრომდე, კომპანიამ პროექტის #ბორჯომიგულშემატკივარი ეგიდით, ბორჯომში, პლატოს ტერიტორიაზე 4.5 ჰექტარი მიწის ფართობი აღადგინა და 23 000 ნერგი დარგო.

27 Apr: Forest restoration in Borjomi continues – 2000 more saplings were added to the territory of Borjomi Plateau.

The forest restoration project started several years ago on the territory of Borjomi Plateau at the initiative of IDS Borjomi Georgia continues uninterruptedly despite the СOVID-19 pandemic. As part of the spring planting, another 2,000 saplings of Caucasian pine were planted on the plateau. To date, the company has restored 4 hectares of land and planted more than 17,000 saplings within #BorjomiSupporter project.

28 Dec: The Borjomi Forest Restoration Project Is Continuing Uninterruptedly

2000 Caucasian pine seedlings were planted on the territory of Borjomi Plateau within the framework of #BorjomiSapporterOfNature. At the initiative of IDS Borjomi Georgia, the Borjomi Forest Restoration Project is continuing uninterruptedly despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and another 2,000 new seedlings were planted on the Plateau area in Borjomi during the autumn planting

04 Sep: Borjomi Became a Partner of the Georgian Football Federation

2020 წლის 3 სექტემბერს, 12:00 საათზე, სასტუმრო „სტამბაში“, საქართველოს ფეხბურთის ფედერაციასა და კომპანია IDS ბორჯომი თბილისს შორის თანამშრომლობის მემორანდუმი გაფორმდა. მემორანდუმის თანახმად, ქართული მინერალური წყალი "ბორჯომი", 2020 წლის ბოლომდე საქართველოს ფეხბურთის ფედერაციის პარტნიორი გახდა. 

25 May: IDS Borjomi Georgia Continues to Provide Assistance to Needy Families Living in Borjomi

IDS Borjomi Georgia will give 100 GEL worth vouchers to the students of Borjomi Training Center and the company’s scholarship holders for purchasing food and basic essentials. The Company's management will ensure the process of distributing the vouchers together with the administration of the training center and the Borjomi municipality mayor's office in compliance with the existing recommendations. 
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20 Mar: Production Process at the Georgian Factories of Company IDS Borjomi Goes Without Delays

We are taking into account the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Government of Georgia and we are doing everything possible to protect the product, the company and our employees. Most of our employees have switched to remote work. Disinfection works are regularly carried out in company offices, factories and in vehicles.

18 Dec: Georgian Director Mikheil Kobakhidze’s Work Returned to Homeland by “Borjomi”

The process of returning Georgian film heritage to the homeland continues. Copies of films by Georgian filmmakers, stored in the Russian film archive Gosfilmofond, are gradually being returned to the homeland. The project is implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection and the National Film Center with the support of the private sector.