“Borjomi” is the partner of Georgian national team for the sixth year already

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On June 23, 2016, Mikheil Gabrichidze, President of Basketball Federation and Zaza Kikvadze, General Director of IDS Borjomi Georgia signed a Memorandum of Partnership. The signing ceremony was held in Borjomi and was attended by the Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Tariel Khechikashvili. Initially, guests visited Borjomi N1 bottling factory and got acquainted with the world famous mineral water production process, after that the signing ceremony was held. Members and coaches of Georgian national basketball team attended the ceremony.
Tariel Khechikashvili, Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs:
“This is the best example of cooperation between the state, federation and private sector, which certainly will help our sportsmen to succeed. I would like to thank the company Borjomi and its leaders. We believe that Georgian basketball players will be able to win many victories in the future. I wish success to the national team. 
Zaza Kikvadze, General Director of IDS Borjomi Georgia:
“The brand Borjomi”, as flagship of Georgia’s export sales, has a big responsibility about presenting the country on the international arena and feels obliged to support the team that serves the same mission. I am glad that today I personally host the Minister of Sports and Youth, the President of Basketball Federation and our proud basketball players at Borjomi N1 bottling factory. I would like to wish them success in the qualifying tournament of European Championship. We hope all of us will stand together with our team at the final stage of the European Championship“.
Mikheil Gabrichidze, President of Georgian National Basketball Federation:
“On the international arena” Borjomi is always associated with Georgia, so we are glad that this famous company will be our general partner. We hope to continue our close cooperation in order to popularize basketball. Our team will get even more attention with the Georgian brand in all of Europe”.

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