Statement of The Company IDS Borjomi Georgia

The false information – videos and statements, has been recently spread by fake accounts regarding alleged possibilities of investment into Borjomi brand and the company. These false claims aim at misleading the society and fraudulently get access to trusting customers monetary funds, which will eventually harm not only citizens but also the reputation of the company hugely.


Despite our numerous efforts to report false videos, advertising and statements, the mentioned information is being spread on various social networks and platforms, as well as changing the source of distribution, which makes it difficult to fight against it with our limited resources.


Based on the above, we have already applied to the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia, in order to get the obvious scam investigated. However, before these fraudulent accounts and criminals behind it are fully revealed, we feel responsible to warn the society not to be deceived and not to trust offers of these types.


Be careful and if you find aforesaid information, please, report the accounts.






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